Kemaro secures growth following financing round

The start-up Kemaro AG has closed a successful financing round. The manufacturer of cleaning robots has now set its sights on expanding into Europe.

Kemaro AG Co-Founders: Martin Gadient, Armin Koller, Thomas Oberholzer.
Kemaro AG Co-Founders: Martin Gadient, Armin Koller, Thomas Oberholzer. Image Credit: Kemaro AG

Kemaro AG is looking to conquer the German-speaking European market with its series of dry cleaning robots. Using the fresh capital raised during a financing round, the company now also has the opportunity to do exactly that. “This initial financing round is a milestone for our company”, comments Armin Koller, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board at Kemaro, in a press release issued by the start-up based in the St.GallenBodenseeArea. He adds: “With the five investors, we have not only secured the necessary capital, but also brought on board a great deal of entrepreneurial experience”.

The dry cleaning robot developed by Kemaro is suitable for cleaning industrial production halls, for example. In this regard, the amount of work involved in cleaning such facilities can be reduced by at least half, the company states. The product, which is fully manufactured in Switzerland, works on an automated basis and therefore helps to cut costs. Customers include the retail chains Coop and Landi. Production of the next-generation model of the currently operational KEMARO-800, namely the KEMARO-900, will commence as early as this October. “We are convinced of the market potential of this globally unique dry cleaning robot and are delighted to support KEMARO AG further along their journey”, comments Teddy Amberg, Partner at Spicehaus Partners AG, which led the recently closed financing round.

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