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Are you looking to profitably sell foodstuffs, such as chocolate, coffee, tea, water, cheese, yoghurt, pasta or baby food on the international market? To be successful in this venture, you must be aware of the business opportunities in the various markets, understand current trends and consumer needs, be informed about country-specific requirements and have a good understanding of the various distribution channels. We would be happy to support you in this endeavor. Contact us!

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Swiss Wine Promotion

Swiss Wine Promotion (SWP) is the national promotional organisation for Swiss wines in Switzerland and abroad. It is mandated by the "Interprofession de la Vigne et du Vin Suisse" (IVVS) to manage the marketing, communication, media and image strategy for Swiss wine. Through its actions, SWP wishes to highlight the age-old traditions, know-how and diversity of the many vineyards that are part of our country's cultural heritage. 
The red and white Swiss Wine logo, the colors of Switzerland, underlines the "swissness" and recalls the 6 wine-producing regions.

Food & Nutrition Cluster

Cluster Food & Nutrition is an association active in the agrifood sector. Its mission is to strengthen the collaboration between the actors of the ecosystem and to support them in their innovation processes. More than one hundred members from the food, agriculture, packaging and distribution sectors as well as research and training institutes, the public sector and professional associations are currently part of the Cluster's network.

Halal Certification Services

CHOCOSUISSE is the Association of Swiss Chocolate Manufacturers.
BISCOSUISSE is the association of industrial manufacturers of long-life bakery products, bars, snacks, sweets and other popular Swiss food products.

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