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Ethical principles in international business dealings

Within the context of fulfilling its mandate on export promotion, Switzerland Global Enterprise recommends that its clients observe the ethical guidelines and principles outlined below, as this creates trust in international business dealings and, as a result, promotes long-term corporate success.

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These guidelines and principles specifically include:

Fighting corruption Transparency International provides information about problems relating to corruption in projected target markets. The OECD also supplies both information and guidelines on this subject.  In addition, the Swiss Directorate General of Customs and  the Federal Office of Police  can provide information and advice on questions related to this subject. Money laundering ban The  Swiss Bankers Association and  the Federal Office of Police  can provide information on the relevant legal regulations, as well as the duties of care and notification. The  OECD  has also drawn up some guidelines within this context.  Caution is particularly advised in cases of cash transactions, which entail higher duties of care and clarity.

Standard relating to employment law and social standards;

human rights Through its Global Compact initiative, the UN is taking significant steps towards establishing basic requirements in the areas of human rights, labour and the environment. These aspects are of particular importance within the context of establishing production facilities in the relevant target markets. As part of this, producers (but not, as yet, service providers) also have the option of obtaining certification in accordance with the SA 8000 standard (Social Accountability in the Workplace).


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