Industry Report

Medical Technology in Kazakhstan

The health care system of the Central Asian country is to develop further and Swiss suppliers with a certain experience can find major opportunities here. Our comprehensive report shows how the market works.

Almaty Hospital
Hospital in Almaty

Global supply chain issues and geopolitical uncertainty cause problems for Kazakhstan's health care and increase the need to reform and expand the existing services, especially in rural areas - government plans to act on this have been put in place. For example, health care institutions face the task of building more than 200 new primary health care facilities. Foreign companies can offer their expertise in the planning, construction and equipping of new hospitals and medical centers in Kazakhstan as well as in contract production of medical technology in the country.

Our 60-page report offers insights into

  • how public spending on healthcare works in Kazakhstan
  • the hospital and pharmacy / retail landscape
  • trends like digitilization and telemedicine
  • public procurement and the regulatory landscape including IP and data protection
  • how foreign companies can access the market, e.g. with distributors, agents or subsidiaries
  • import and localization requirements