Pakistan: Opportunities in the food technology market explained

With a population of over 230 million, Pakistan’s growing market offers interesting opportunities in the food technology industry. Our market report highlights major infrastructure projects and explains how Swiss companies can contribute.

Food technology

Swiss food technology companies have been active in Pakistan for over 30 years, benefiting from the country's large agricultural sector and growing population. As the largest wheat producer and rice exporter in the world, Pakistan presents large potential for companies in the food technology market. While the proportion of the population using safely managed drinking water is only 36%, Swiss company Nestlé has successful provided clean drinking water across the country.

Pakistan is committed to upgrading its food sector and is actively seeking partnerships with international firms. Our market report, featuring experience reports of Swiss companies currently operating in Pakistan’s foodtech sector, highlights major ongoing projects in the country and government incentives that help your company gear up for success.

Download our comprehensive report to make informed decisions about expanding your business into Pakistan's thriving food technology market.

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