Central America and Caribbean

The Central American and Caribbean economies Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Panama and Guatemala offer promising opportunities for international companies, including those from Switzerland. These nations are actively diversifying their economies, with a focus on sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, renewable energy and infrastructure development. While Switzerland benefits from existing trade agreements with Central American, successful market entry requires careful consideration of cultural and regulatory differences. Explore the potential of this dynamic region with strategic preparation.

Market information

Market information

Are you considering entering the Central American or Caribbean market? Are you already active in Central America or the Caribbean and need tips, advice or support with your next steps? Do you have technical or regulatory questions?


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Especially for SMEs it is important to feel a new market to really understand its potential fit. Our business trips and events take you to the country and our events - webinars or in-person - in Switzerland allow you to exchange with experts and peers and leverage our network for your growth.


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The role of governments for international business is ever increasing. In this section you can find relevant news about market entry in Central America and the Caribbean.

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