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Sarix SA: From family business to global market leader

Member of the Month April 2024 Sarix SA

SARIX has been producing machine tools for mechanical micro-machining for 30 years. The company develops and manufactures high-precision micro-drilling and micro-milling machines using electroerosion and laser technologies. The all-Swiss manufacturing guarantees the highest quality standards and continuous innovation. SARIX customers use the machines in sectors such as watchmaking, aerospace, automotive injection system manufacturing, aircraft and power generation turbines, medical instruments, micromechanics and semiconductors.

Member of the Month April 2024 Sarix SA

Questions for Andrea Quadroni, CFO of Sarix SA:

What does your company stand for, and what makes it unique?

Sarix stands for Swiss excellence and quality in the machine tool industry. Our unparalleled attention to our customers’ technical needs distinguishes us in particular. It is what allows us to serve the needs of customers in niche markets and in the most advanced applications, while also providing turnkey solutions.

In which area of technology do you excel?

Electroerosion is our particular specialization and the technology behind our machines. Electroerosion micro-milling is the pinnacle of Sarix’s technology, in which we are unrivaled worldwide.

Which new regions would you like to expand into? What are your key export markets?

You can find Sarix products in most parts of the world. Europe is our most important market, followed by Asia. In the short term, we would like to expand and strengthen our presence in North America, particularly in the United States.

To what extent does sustainability play a role in your business processes?

As a family-run business, Sarix has a strong human element. That’s why we always take sustainability issues into account, even if we don’t advertise it in the way larger companies do. Sustainability is important at every level: not just in response to regulatory pressures and market demands but also as a social responsibility that is essential for long-term growth.

What challenges do you see down the line in the coming years?

International geopolitical tensions threaten to constrain the market for internationally-oriented companies such as SARIX. I believe that the most important challenge is to become stronger and expand globally by boosting the sales network. This will help us to better cope with geopolitical developments and international competition. The ongoing strengthening of the Swiss franc and the resulting pressure on our margins are other key challenges that we have had to deal with for a number of years, and which will continue to pose challenges in the near future.

What do you particularly appreciate about having been a member of the S-GE for many years?

We have always highly appreciated the almost informal approach, combined with the professionalism, availability and competence of S-GE. This can only be found in Swiss government organizations, and S-GE is the best proof of this.

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