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Moving Up in the World

Prodyna is a prime mover in the IT World, founded in 1991 in Germany. When it started expanding successfully, the company decided to relocate to Switzerland. The business-friendly environment with its huge potential for innovative software solutions and services played a key part in the decision.

A prime mover in the IT world received with enthusiasm in Switzerland

PRODYNA is an innovative consulting and software house which creates complex business and web applications for customers ranging from SMEs to multinationals. Founded in Germany in 1991, the company was bought out by its present management in 2000. It soon cornered the German market, with two-thirds of DAX-listed corporations across the business spectrum among its clientele. Expansion followed and PRODYNA began to consider a strategic relocation. A major order from Geneva-based Skyguide led to the foundation of a Swiss subsidiary. A long-term move to Switzerland was on the cards. Christoph Körner, Group COO and CEO of PRODYNA (Schweiz) AG stresses that tax considerations played no part in the decision – the location and business- friendly environment were key. “We always knew this would be an exciting market for us, with huge potential for our innovative software solutions and services.”

Exciting market and springboard for expansion

Körner has nothing but praise for the way the relocation process was handled: “Right from the kick-off meeting with the Swiss Business Hub Germany, via our talks with the cantons and the BaselArea business development agency, through to contacts with the ETH and universities, the support was first-rate: professional, service oriented and forthcoming. The openness and can-do spirit of our welcome in Switzerland were truly memorable and motivational. ”The move to Basel went smoothly and PRODYNA has since gone from strength to strength, securing interesting new projects in the Swiss energy and retail sectors. The company now has eight locations, in Germany, Switzerland and Serbia, with Austria to follow soon. If the business in French-speaking Switzerland goes well, Körner thinks it could be a launchpad for expansion into France. But his focus for now is on the Swiss market. “We’ve made a big impact here and are looking forward to tackling new projects in this innovative, entrepreneurial environment.”

The support was first-rate: professional, service oriented and forthcoming. ­The openness and can-do spirit of our welcome in Switzerland were so motivational.

Christoph Körner
COO, Prodyna


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