News launches blockchain-based trading platform plans to launch its blockchain-based trading platform in mid-July. The Ticino-based startup made the announcement at a Bloomberg event in London, where it is held other campaigns too.
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Jim Preissler, CEO of, announced that his company’s blockchain-based trading platform will be launched on 17 July. The announcement was made at a cryptocurrency event in London organized by Bloomberg. sponsored the event. also held other campaigns in London, including serving free coffee in cups and distributing chocolate coins emulating the company’s cryptocurrency in central London venues such as Canary Wharf station.  

The Ticino-based startup aims to disrupt the existing stock exchange trading status quo. Its peer-to-peer blockchain trading platform is meant to save money for investors and companies alike by lowering both the costs and barriers required to go public. Overall, intends to lower the upfront listing costs by over 80 per cent below traditional models. is not only for crypto-assets but also foreign exchange currencies and CFDs over precious metals, oils or commodities. A beta version of its exchange was tested in recent months. was originally founded in Zug but relocated to the canton of Ticino at the end of March.

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