Roger Federer teams up with On

Roger Federer has invested in the Zurich-based running shoe manufacturer On. The tennis star’s plan is to support further growth at the company founded in 2010. In Switzerland, On is already the market leader, boasting a share of 45 percent.

Roger Federer
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On wants to revolutionize the market for running shoes with its designs. Founded in 2010, the company has developed a sole which simultaneously supports explosive take-offs and soft landings. The running shoes therefore offer high wearer comfort to support the sensation of running. Founders David Allemann, Caspar Coppetti und Olivier Bernhard turned to Swiss engineering expertise during the development stages.

The success has proven them right: On running shoes are now available in 6,000 specialist stores in over 50 countries, according to information from the company itself. According to a report in the sunday newspaper “NZZ am Sonntag”, On is the Swiss market leader with a share of 45 percent. In Germany, the On “Cloud” model is the country’s second-most popular running shoe behind a Nike model. The company has 500 employees around the world, of which half are based in Zurich.

Now, On is intending to grow further with Roger Federer. The tennis star has invested in the company to such an extent that he had to “think about it long and hard”, as Federer commented in an interview with “NZZ am Sonntag”. He also explained: “It’s exciting to work together with a Swiss start-up that is on the rise”. The swissness of the company was also very important to Federer: “Remaining grounded, but also dreaming big. Working hard to fulfil an ambitious goal, but never forgetting your roots”.

According to an On press release, Federer will also be involved in product development innovations at the On lab. These are to be presented next year.

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