Ticino gets competence center for drones

A technology park with a competence and research center for drones is being built on the Lodrino military airfield. The drone center will be linked to the Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich.

Image Credit: Pxfuel/ Creative Commons Zero - CC0

The Riviera municipality, which was created two years ago in Val di Lodrino, is planning a technology park on the site of the Lodrino military airfield. Now, the Ticino State Council has approved grant funding of 3 million Swiss francs for the project, according to a statement. The technology park will be home to a national and international competence and research center for drones. It will also be part of the Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich (SIP).

Fondazione Agire submitted a corresponding proposal in July, while the purchase and credit application for the acquisition of the site from its former owner ArmaSuisse was submitted on November 12, 2019. At the same time, the local authority applied for financial support from the canton. In March, the authority founded Riviera Airport SA to secure the operation of Lodrino Airport. 

Thanks to the funding from the canton, the costs for the renovation and maintenance of the existing buildings, as well as the modernization of the infrastructure, are covered. Lodrino is also home to a Ruag Aviation site. 

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