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It all sounds so simple: open a web shop, translate content into English and the world is your oyster! If only there were no administrative, legal, regulatory and logistical requirements... And, actually, it all begins with the country selection. Country selection, you wonder? But whole world can shop on your website. And that’s precisely the advantage of e-commerce. Right! But that’s also precisely the challenge.

Do you want to boost your e-commerce business internationally?

Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) supports Swiss SMEs in their international business, including cross-border e-commerce. Do you have any questions? Or would you like to discuss your international e-commerce project without obligation? Philip Morger is looking forward to hearing from you.



The following export and customs issues need to be clarifies

Anyone selling goods across borders has to grapple with the export and customs regulations in each destination country. You can quickly lose track of things in the jungle of country-specific regulations and certificates. We show you which export and customs issues you have to deal with in international e-commerce and where you can get the help you need.

Legal Questions

Legal Questions

Successfully overcoming legal hurdles

E-commerce is a rewarding distribution channel for Swiss SMEs. Exporters can sell goods all over the world via their online shop. But in any case, retailers have to take on important legal issues to make their e-commerce project a success.

Country specific information

Country specific information on E-Commerce

Tips on the topic of e-commerce from the international markets

Switzerland Global Enterprise has a strong network of professionals in local markets. Discover here a selection of market-specific content relating to international online trade. Do you have specific questions? Get in contact with our country experts without obligation.


Russia: e-commerce as a stable distribution channel

Russia’s e-commerce market has grown steadily over the past decade, and as elsewhere, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated growth significantly....

E-Commerce Ecosystem in China

E-Commerce China
08.10.2020 How to Work with a Trade Partner on a Cross-Border E-Commerce Platform in China Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the enforcement of so...

E-commerce in China, India and Southeast Asia: Huge hurdles but countless opportunities

E-commerce in China, India and Southeast Asia
What digital strategies are recommended for Swiss companies in China, India and Southeast Asia? Answers to this question are provided in the webi...

Key factors in online retailing in Brazil and Mexico

online sales
E-commerce is on the rise in both Brazil and Mexico. The webinar “How to grow your online sales in Brazil and Mexico” provides insights into the ...

E-Commerce in Canada: A guide for Swiss companies

E-commerce in Canada
The Canadian E-Commerce sector has seen exceptional growth in recent years. The guide produced by the Swiss Business Hub Canada provides valuable...
Global Opportunities

Seizing the opportunity of double digit growth in the Canadian e-commerce market

E-Commerce Canada
An accelerating consumer appetite for online shopping, weak local competition combined with an excellent online infrastructure, make Canada an in...
Global Opportunities

The (un)limited possibilities of the e-commerce powerhouse USA

In the US, over 205 million e-commerce users actively use the internet for purchases
An ever-growing digital marketplace with advanced technology and infrastructure offers Swiss retailers an almost unbeatable market size and new p...

ASEAN: How to boost your business through E-Commerce

Is your company exporting to the ASEAN region and would you like to know how to use E-Commerce to your advantage? Watch the recorded webinar and ...

Selling to Canada and the USA thanks to digital channels – this is how it works

usa canada e-commerce
E-business in North America is growing and growing. The webinar "E-Commerce guide for Canada and USA" shows why this region can be interesting fo...

Cross-border e-commerce in Europe

cross-border e-commerce in europe
In times of COVID-19, e-commerce is booming more than ever. Most big companies have been in e-commerce for years, whereas for SMEs it seems harde...

Russia: e-commerce as a stable distribution channel

Russia’s e-commerce market has grown steadily over the past decade, and as elsewhere, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated growth significantly....

Swiss Store on Amazon India: Your chance to sell your products to India

Swiss Store on Amazon
Amazon has created the Swiss Store on its India marketplace. The store carries a range of products including chocolates, watches, luggage, and go...

GoGlobal Cockpit: our new online tool

Would you like to independently discover possible export markets and new potential 24/7? Try out our new free online tool GoGlobal Cockpit.

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Services + Events

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As the first point of contact for internationalisation, Switzerland Global Enterprise, on behalf of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO, supports Swiss companies, especially SMEs, in identifying and developing new business potential worldwide. How we support you in your international business: 


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