Geneva creates the Geneva Cities Hub to amplify the voices of cities

The Swiss authorities have launched a new initiative in Geneva to strengthen ties between cities and city networks around the world and the various international organizations and players based in Switzerland.

United Nations Geneva
“This is a fundamental new component for International Geneva,” explique Sami Kanaan, president of the new association. | Copyight UN Geneva

An association under Swiss law, the Geneva Cities Hub (GCH) will link local authorities around the world to the unique networks of international organizations, diplomatic missions, NGOs, and research institutions that compose International Geneva. The United Nations has recognized the contribution cities make to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted in the context of Agenda 2030. In addition, GHC will assist cities and city networks to raise their concerns and draw on the expertise that International Geneva offers.

“This is a fundamental new component for International Geneva,” said Sami Kanaan, president of the new association based in the Geneva Centre for Security Policy.

Geneva’s unique concentration of public and private institutions means that it is ideally suited to help integrate cities in global governance, notably in fields where Geneva has special expertise, including peace, security, disarmament, humanitarian action, human rights, migration, labor, economics and trade, science, telecommunications, health, the environment, and sustainable development.

The Geneva Cities Hub is supported by the city and canton of Geneva, and the Swiss federal authorities. The new association has an initial budget of CHF 350,000 ($ 366,000) for 2020 and CHF 500,000 for 2021. It will be staffed by three people by the end of the year.

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