SUPSI 3D prints protective masks

The FabLab from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) has been 3D printing protective masks for a week. The lab is reacting to a call for global collaboration to provide free printed models for the most urgently needed materials and devices.

SUPSI 3D prints protective masks.
3D printed protective masks from SUPSI will be provided for free globally. Image Credit: SUPSI

The FabLab from the SUPSI has responded to the call from various online communities to design 3D copies for urgently needed medical materials. They will be provided for free globally. The lab for digital production and interaction design that is part of the SUPSI has been 3D printing face masks for a week. 

The Head of the FabLab, Serena Cangiano, stated in a press release: “We are also connected to other workshops and initiatives through chats and forums.” Many groups of people have been organized on digital data sharing platforms such as Wikifactory and Careables to produce healthcare materials on-site. Other, more complex solutions have been designed as well, for example for cheaper intensive ventilation equipment.

According to the press release, many universities are currently offering their expertise, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH). They are attempting to develop solutions that could be implemented quickly using open-source and interdisciplinary methods. A network is currently checking which institutions require medical materials. Thus, the FabLab was able to manufacture thirty masks in two days, which were delivered to a nursing home in Agno TI.

The FabLab is collecting information on the availability of 3D printers in Ticino using a webpage it has developed itself. Furthermore, it is seeking out volunteers who are able to react to demands for printing protective materials.

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