LafargeHolcim and IBM making road construction more sustainable

LafargeHolcim’s building material platform ORIS optimizes road construction through intelligent planning. It helps cut costs and reduce the carbon footprint. LafargeHolcim has now joined forces with IBM to further develop the platform.

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Zug building materials manufacturer LafargeHolcim last year presented ORIS as “the world’s first digital material platform”. It helps optimize road design through a smarter use of locally sourced natural resources and materials. ORIS can assess road designs at a very early stage with a holistic view that includes both the construction and maintenance phases of road projects. According to LafargeHolcim, using ORIS can reduce costs for road projects by up to a third while cutting the carbon footprint by up to half. At the same time the durability of these projects can be increased three-fold.

ORIS will now be further developed in collaboration with IBM Services, as was reported in a press release. LafargeHolcim will leverage IBM’s expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence and the industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

“Data-driven solutions and digital technologies have the potential to transform road construction towards more sustainable, circular, low-carbon, low-resource and cost-efficient techniques,” said Hervé Rolland, Vice President, Industrial solutions, IBM Europe. Through IBM Services, IBM helps companies develop solutions that support rapid digitization.

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