Swiss start-up Novostia raises CHF 6.5 million

Novostia announced having raised CHF 6.5 million from private investors to carry out the first clinical trials of its innovative artificial heart valve.

Novostia's heart valve
Novostia's heart valve | © Novostia

Heart valve diseases affect more than 100 million people worldwide. Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients undergo heart valve replacement. Existing technologies have serious disadvantages : lifetime anticoagulant treatment or further replacements due to the limited lifetime of these valves.

Thanks to a unique patented design and a new high-strength biocompatible polymeric material, the Novostia valve eliminates all these constraints while being silent. Founded in 2017 at the Microcity incubator in the canton of Neuchâtel, Novostia collaborates with with the bioengineering center at the University of Bern and EPFL researchers, who have confirmed the choices of materials used, in particular a polymer that replaces the carbon in the dampers.

A $3 billion market with an annual growth rate of over 12%

"Our technology should significantly improve the quality of life for patients requiring a new heart valve, especially children and young adults, while reducing health system costs. We thank our investors for their trust and support and look forward to bringing patients and physicians this innovation that has been awaited for so many years," says Geoffroy Lapeyre, CEO of Novostia.

Handbook for Investors

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