Qatar International Horticultural Exposition EXPO 2023

Qatar International Horticultural Exposition EXPO 2023

Expo 2023 Doha will be hosted by the State of Qatar and be the first horticultural exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), a region with an extremely desert climate. The chosen theme for the event in the centrally located Al Bidda park in Doha is “Green Desert, Better Environment” with the goal of inspiring visitors, as well as promoting exchange of knowledge and business contacts.

Expo 2023 will have 4 subthemes: Modern Agriculture, Technology and Innovation, Environmental Awareness, as well as Sustainability in general. These subthemes in fact cover a very wide range of topics, e.g. ranging from agriculture to climate change and biodiversity, as well as water and soil management.

Switzerland, under the umbrella of its Embassy in Qatar, will run a covered pavilion (indoor surface of around 50m2 and outdoor surface of around 1’600m2) which can serve as a location for public or official visitors, permanent or ad hoc exhibitions, symposia, seminars, B2B meetings or cultural and artistic performances, allowing to promote itself as an innovative, sustainable and business-friendly country to thousands of visitors for the duration of six months. The pavilion is also meant to provide for a garden with typical plants of Switzerland, showing its national biodiversity. The location would be run by volunteers resident in Qatar (e.g. students), punctually complemented by Embassy staff.


Besides SG-E and the Ministry of Municipality (the latter being in charge of organizing the Expo 2023), potential partners of the Swiss Embassy would be:

  • Swiss companies active in the area of sustainability & innovative technology and present / interested in Qatar and/or the MENA region
  • Presence Switzerland (PRS) and Swiss Tourism (ST), having the mandate to promote Switzerland as an innovative and sustainable country and travel destination
  • Specific associations and/or clusters in Switzerland in the area of sustainability (e.g. Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley)
  • Swiss education and/or research institutes, interested in knowledge exchange
  • Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), having the mandate to promote sustainable development, including in the MENA region
  • Swiss artists, particularly if they are already in Qatar or the MENA region and interested to perform in front of a large audience.

Detail of the program

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Target audience The target audience of the Swiss pavilion would mainly be: The general public of Qatar, as well as private visitors from all over the world, Representatives of Qatari authorities, businesses and media, as well as influencers
Организатор Ambasciata svizzera in Qatar, S-GE, SBH
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Al Bidda Park Doha. 8006 Qatar

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