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„S-GE helps to position our products even better in the markets."

Member of the Month December 2023 – ZoëRay by suiXtrade GmbH

ZoëRay, the brand of suiXtrade GmbH, was founded in 2014 to meet the needs of all those who value high-quality food. ZoëRay is the leading integrated player in the agricultural sector with activities in the cultivation, processing, and marketing of ready-to-eat pomegranate seeds.


In this interview, the founder of the company, Marcel Bangerter, answers our questions about his company, whose brand name is made up of the first names of his two children.

Member of the Month December 2023 – ZoëRay by suiXtrade GmbH

Peeling pomegranates is time-consuming and fresh pomegranate juice is difficult to produce and find. The company's product portfolio consists of pomegranate seeds, pomegranate juice and dried pomegranate seeds which are sold in Switzerland through wholesalers and specialized stores and restaurants such as Migros, Volg, Farmy, Kaisin and many others.

Questions for Marcel Bangerter, CEO of ZoëRay by suiXtrade GmbH:

What makes your company stand out?

A 360-day supply: We are the only supplier in the world that can deliver all year round. Our Indian partner is a leading integrated player with nursery operations, agricultural production, post-harvest management, processing, and marketing of horticultural products. We have state of the art facilities across South India with global accreditations such as ISO:22000 HACCP, BRC, US FDA, Global GAP, SMETA and Fair Trade. We have 25 years of experience in exporting fresh produce from India and understand the importance of traceability, food safety protocols and hygiene. My company has robust processes and IT systems in place to track every part of our value chain.

Where do you see export opportunities in the future?

We see a great opportunity in Singapore. Due to the health-conscious people in this metropolis, we are convinced that our high-quality pomegranate products will be a success there.

How would you describe the USP of your products?

Our pomegranates have no preservatives, no additives, no residues.
Only fresh and natural tasting fruit. We deliver outstanding quality and long shelf life through manual extraction. The delicate pomegranate seeds are harvested using a slow manual extraction process instead of machines. This reduces or avoids damage and allows for better sorting and therefore a better shelf life of 14 days. Most of our competitors use mechanical or harder extraction techniques, which damage the pomegranate and lead to a shorter shelf life

How can S-GE best support you on your internationalization journey? 

We hope that S-GE can help us to get in touch with local people to ensure the perfect market entry for our pomegranate products.

Why did you decide to become a member with S-GE?

To expand our network and to position our product range even better in the sales markets in the future.

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