Maxon Motor on investment drive

Maxon Motor from Obwalden is focusing on investment. With an Innovation Centre set to open at its Sachseln headquarters at the end of 2018, the technology specialist is also inaugurating an Innovation Lab at the EPFL in May and has plans for further future investments.

Image Credit: MAD

Maxon Motor is investing 30 million Swiss francs in the development of its new Innovation Centre in Sachseln. Home to the research and development and medical equipment departments, the new build will have six storeys and space for 350 employees. The teams are expected to move in by the end of the year, according to an article in “Obwaldner Zeitung”.

Before then, Maxon Motor will reach another milestone when it opens an Innovation Lab at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) this May. The lab will offer a platform for new technologies that will be open to Maxon Motor’s employees and partners, as well as students.

Alongside its investment in research and development in Switzerland, the company plans to pour 25 million francs into the expansion of its global production capacities. The funds will be used to open a new production site in the USA, but will also be invested in South Korea and Germany.  

Maxon Motor was founded in 1961 and has since become a global leader in high-precision drive systems. Its products are used in sectors such as medical technology, industrial automation, automotive, and air and space travel. The company employs 2,500 people worldwide, with 1,200 of them in Sachseln. 

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