Business Partner Search

Business Partner Search

Realize your market entry with the right business partners. We will help you in your search for a distributor, sales agent, supplier or end customer and in networking with them. We will also check the reliability of a potential partner for you.

In which sales channels do you need to be present in the target market? Which business partner will help you to so? And who can you trust? Our experts will help you develop the right sales strategy based on our export advice. Once this has been done, we will help you find the right business partner.

Our network – your advantage

Thanks to the local contacts of our branch offices, the Swiss Business Hubs and Trade Points, we can arrange the right business contacts for you in the target country and put you in touch with decision-makers – including on trips and at trade fairs, which we are happy to organize for you. There you will meet your potential business partners in person. We will establish the initial contact and clarify the interest of the potential partner.


Define your ideal partner

Before the actual search, you fill out a “partner profile” in which you defined the most important requirements for your ideal business partner. This profile is then discussed and finalized by you and an S-GE consultant.

Distribution partner search

In the next phase, S-GE compiles a list of verified distribution partners in the target market together with the local Swiss Business Hub or a local expert. An in-depth search for potential partners is conducted by consulting local trade directories, internal databases, company registers, trade fair catalogs, membership information from relevant associations and other sources. The personal networks of the Swiss Business Hub and our local experts are another valuable source.

Supplier search

The main purpose of this service is to find a selection of potential suppliers in the target country who meet or exceed the required specifications and have a proven interest in working with you. Finding the best possible partner in the target country is a complicated process that must be carried out carefully. At all stages, S-GE carries out this work in close cooperation with you.

Customer search

The list contains a number of contact persons (decision makers) with their respective personal contact details. The list is suitable for contacting the selected target group.

Investor landscape

To find potential investors, you need an overview of the target market. With this service, we help you to identify and evaluate potential investors on site. This enables you to find out which investors are interested in your offer and how you can reach them.

Background check 

This service includes background checks on a distributor, supplier, target customer, investor or another foreign contact. We carry out checks to see if a company has officially left the commercial register (trade register) or consult a credibility report.

How to find your business partner

Market entry is more promising with the right partner: We help you in your search for distributors, commercial agents, suppliers and end customers or check the reliability of a potential partner.