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SWISS Pavilion

Would you like to present your products and increase your sales at large international trade fairs? We support you.

SWISS Pavilion

Each year, S-GE organizes, coordinates, and executes approximately 25 events abroad involving the joint participation of Swiss companies under the “Switzerland” umbrella brand. All companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein are eligible to participate. Please find here the SWISS Pavilion program.

SWISS Pavilion

  • Arrive and take over your individual, ready-to-use stand, no need to worry about the details
  • We’re there to help you if anything comes up and happy to treat you and your guests to coffee in the hospitality area
  • Our project partners for booth construction and transport are experts in their field - take advantage of our connections
  • Use of synergies thanks to S-GE’s global network with the Swiss Embassy, the Consulates General, the Swiss Business Hub and more in the relevant country
  • Clear identification by the Swiss design - the Swiss identity has long been widely recognized to be a symbol of high-quality standard and innovations
  • For over 10 years, S-GE has been organizing trade fair appearances on behalf of third parties, whether for Swiss individual companies, marketing organizations or industry associations

For Start-ups

  • Logistic support for an optimized fair preparation, attendance and follow-up 
  • Individualized fair consulting and targeted matchmaking 
  • Business Support to best prepare your fair participation
  • Promotion and strong appearance of your fair attendance under the Swiss brand
  • Financial contribution for start-ups enrolled in an Innosuisse Coaching of up to 70% of fair-related expenses
    (travel and accommodation cost are excluded)
  • Further information and the programme can be found here


Consulting Special

In connection with trade fairs, S-GE offers special trade fair services. They are only valid for participants in the SWISS Pavilion and from 6 months before the start of the exhibition until 4 weeks after the end of the exhibition. These services can be offered in connection with selected SWISS Pavilion and include a flat rate. 

  • Market Spot: Offers the company answers to specific questions about the market. 3-4 questions are verified with 1-2 experts and opinions are summarised.
  • Business contacts: Assists in the search for the 2-3 most suitable business contacts based on a short profile. The contact details include a brief description of the business activities, full coordinates and a contact person. Meetings at the fair can be arranged.
  • Arranging contacts: Meetings are organised using contacts received from the trade fair participant. This includes logistics and location.
  • Business partner verification: The offer includes a verification of 1 or 2 contacts either made at the trade fair or previously identified. Checks of official registration or references can be carried out.