Energy-efficient data center opens in Biel

Ultramodern and energy-efficient, hub:biel offers a highly secure IT infrastructure to companies of all sizes.

Inside a data center
hub:biel is among the most advanced data center facilities in Switzerland. (Generic image)

Recently inaugurated in the Bözingenfeld industrial district of Biel, the new facility is comprised of two elements: an office complex that houses the HQ of cloud specialist netrics, and a data center at the forefront of security and energy efficiency, operated by DataHub. The total investment amounted to 40 million francs.

“Thanks to hub:biel, companies can now rely on the best IT infrastructure to digitally conquer Switzerland and the world from here,” said Biel mayor Erich Fehr at the inauguration ceremony. “hub:biel combined with the netrics offering, is the ideal solution for customers with high compliance or security requirements,” added Pascal Schmid, CEO of netrics. For the company, which provides managed and cloud services, the security and speed of the operating infrastructure is critical.

Maximum safety and respect for the environment

The power supply, fiber-optic connection, cooling systems and air conditioning were designed with redundancy over the entire surface of 3000m2 in order to meet the highest security standards. Unique in Switzerland, hub:biel is equipped with a Schneider Electric UPS system with lithium-ion batteries, which enables outstanding energy efficiency (over 98%). According to Adrian Roth, CEO of the DataHub group: "The region of Biel is renowned for everything related to precision. In accordance with the Biel spirit, our new data center offers customers the utmost security for their data in an extremely environmentally friendly facility.”