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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Switzerland Global Enterprise is responsible for the overall management, supervision and control of the company, which is organised as an association.

The Board of Directors (from left to right): François A. Gabella, Diane Bonny, Dr. Thomas Staehelin, Ruth Metzler-Arnold, Jean-Marc Probst, Alain Berset, Marcel Pawlicek, Dr. Andrej Vckovski (not on the picture: Beatrice Fasana; member since 26 April 2023)

Verwaltungsrat von S-GE

The following people are on the Board of Directors of Switzerland Global Enterprise:

  • Ruth Metzler-Arnold, Chairwomen of the Board of Directors of Switzerland Global Enterprise and President of the Personnel and Compensation Committee, Chairwoman or member of the Board of Directors of Asteria Investment Management, AXA Switzerland, Clienia-Group, FehrAdvice, Probst Group Holding, Bank Reyl, Intesa Sanpaolo Wealth Management Luxembourg, Swiss Medical Network and Infracore as well as Chairwoman of the Foundation for the Pontifical Swiss Guard and member of other Boards of Trustees
  • François A. Gabella, Vice-president of the Board of Directors of Switzerland Global Enterprise, Board of Directors LEM Holding, Sonceboz, Sensirion, Fischer Connectors, Nextlens, Optotune Switzerland, Natron Energy, Vice-president Swissmem, board member economiesuisse
  • Alain Berset, Member of the Personnel and Compensation Committee, until end of March 2023 CBO Wifag Polytype Holding Ltd, Vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Canton of Fribourg (HIKF)
  • Diane Bonny, Board member of Deppeler SA, Board member of the Centre Patronal Paudex, shareholder of the IT start-up Accessing SA
  • Beatrice Fasana, CEO of Sandro Vanini SA, Member of ETH Rat, Member of the regional SNB Economic Council, Member of Steering Commitee AITI (Ticino Industry Association)
  • Marcel Pawlicek, 2011 to 2022 CEO of Burckhardt Compression AG, President of the JCC Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-Eastern Europe, Central Asia and South Caucasus, Vice-President of the Winterthur vocational center AZW
  • Jean-Marc Probst, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Probst Group Holding SA, Board member of economiesuisse, vice-chairman of the Swiss Employers' Association, Chairman of AERIA+
  • Dr. Thomas Staehelin, Chairman of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee, Chairman of the Board of Directors Lantal Textiles ÂG
  • Dr. Andrej Vckovski, Member of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee, until end of 2022 CEO Netcetera Group,  Executive Board Swico