Thermission wins innovation award

The American consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan has awarded Thermission AG its Europe Technology Innovation Award. The prize honours the patented zinc thermal diffusion technology developed by the company from the canton of Obwalden.

Image Credit: Thermission AG

Zinc thermal diffusion allows manufacturers of metal products to attain the desired corrosion protection without sacrificing material strength.

The technology developed by Thermission AG is designed for applications in the automotive industry, railways and shipbuilding.  

The company’s process differs from other technologies in three key respects, explained Frost & Sullivan in a statement.

Firstly, the process takes place at temperatures below the melting point of zinc, which widens the scope of adoption for the thermal diffusion process.

Secondly, there is no risk of hydrogen embrittlement, eliminating the risk of the surface flaking under mechanical stress.

Thirdly, the process works on the internal properties of the metal substrate and improves strength.

Most metal components are required to withstand at least 720 salt spray test hours. Thermission’s technology provides metals with corrosion protection for up to 1,400 hours.

Thermission AG is “setting benchmarks in identifying and overcoming central technological hurdles in corrosion protection for lightweight construction. Therefore, we were delighted to award this coating specialist with the European Technology Innovation Award 2017,” commented Frost & Sullivan.

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