The canton of Fribourg launches the AgriCo campus in St-Aubin

The new AgriCo campus in St-Aubin, dedicated to creating value in the fields of agriculture, nutrition and biomass, has officially been launched.

AgriCo campus in St-Aubin
A funding of nearly CHF 4 million for the complete development of the site's administrative building has been awarded.

With large constructible industrial areas, service or laboratory buildings, one million square meters of agricultural land offering possibilities for large-scale testing, the AgriCo campus - Swiss Campus for Agri and Food Innovation - is unparalleled in its field.

Located in St-Aubin in the canton of Fribourg, AgriCo is dedicated to creating value in the fields of agriculture, nutrition and biomass, and is designed to cover all the stages, from applied research to production to large-scale distribution. It also aims to promote the many synergies between private, institutional and academic partners, particularly with the Agricultural Institute of Grangeneuve or the Agroscope.

The AgriCo campus not only has offices and laboratories, but also 150,000 square meters of constructible space in the industrial area. Five start-ups and SMEs have already set up there and the site could accommodate around twenty companies and five or six industrial projects.

An outstanding potential for the canton of Fribourg

In the canton of Fribourg, the agrifood sector represents about 20% of all the employment. In order to further consolidate this position and promote value creation and innovation in this sector, the canton of Fribourg is currently developing a strategy for the promotion of the agrifood sector, the new AgriCo campus playing a key role in the implementation of this strategy.

"The AgriCo campus is one of a kind," explains State Councillor Olivier Curty. It represents a new offer with exceptional potential in a sector that has become a societal concern."

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