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Opportunities for Swiss MEM companies in Korea

Due to the ongoing trade conflict between Korea and Japan, a strong drive of the Korean industry to diversify supply chains and the current Covid-19 crisis trigger great changes in the Korean MEM industry. The focus report produced by the Swiss Business Hub Korea in collaboration with Swissmem provides a great overview of the industry and highlights opportunities for Swiss companies.

Focus report MEM opportunities in Korea
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The MEM industry in Korea is going through a period of great changes. Those are triggered by mainly three factors:

  • a. The ongoing and deepening trade conflict between Korea and Japan, resulting in strict policy measures by the Korean government.
  • b. A strong drive of the Korean industry to diversify their supply chains and to reduce the dependence from Japanese MEM products
  • c. The impact of the current Covid-19 crisis

Focus report on opportunities for Swiss companies

The 78-page report produced by the Swiss Business Hub Korea and Swissmem covers the following topics:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Industry Overview of the MPE* Industry in Korea, the Korea-Japan-Trade conflict and the Export/Import trends of MPE items
  3. Identified 66 key items, where Swiss producers stand a fair chance to increase their market share in Korea
  4. A synopsis on the market opportunities by industry breakdown
  5. General market entry and expansion strategies

The focus report serves as an indicator where individual Swiss MEM companies should look for market chances and dig deeper to identify the opportunities presently occurring in Korea.

Swiss Business Hub Korea and S-GE, together with its industry intelligence partners are happy to do that digging for you. We are convinced that there are hidden gems to be found. But we have to act rather quickly as we believe that the aforementioned strategic window will stay open just for the next 2 to 5 years.

*MEM refers to the metal, electrical and mechanical industries. In Korea, the relevant industry abbreviation is MPE (materials, parts, equipment industry). MPE is wider in scope as it also includes the chemicals and textiles industries. However, in this report we excluded those two industries.