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Do you want to sell your medical technology products successfully worldwide? To do so, you need to be familiar with foreign markets, know about current trends, be aware of business opportunities and be able to assess the risks. You also need to know about the market-specific conditions, regulations and rules. We would be happy to help you do so. Contact us!

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Swiss Medtech is the association of Swiss medical technology. We represent more than 600 companies. With an export share of over 70%, 16.4% of Switzerland's positive trade balance, more than 63,000 employees and the most patents per inhabitant across Europe, the Swiss medical technology industry is of great economic importance. We are committed to an environment in which medical technology can deliver top performance for the benefit of first-class medical care.

Expert Group Foreign Trade

The members of the expert group have the goal of providing mutual support when importing goods into foreign markets, of minimising the associated risks and of successfully overcoming the respective legal provisions. Generally, the expert group deals with all topics of interest and significance to the exporting Swiss medical technology industry. Another concern of the group is the strengthening of the «Swissness» brand abroad.

Swiss Healthcare Startups

Swiss Healthcare Startups is a non profit organisation that supports innovative startups that aim to add value to the Swiss healthcare ecosystem. We support the startups by providing meaningful exposure and facilitating access to relevant stakeholders. As a neutral platform, we promote dialogue, networking and exchange throughout our ecosystem.

Health Tech Cluster Switzerland

Health Tech Cluster Switzerland is a network of manufacturers, suppliers, research and training institutions, service providers and investors in the health technology sector. The cluster facilitates direct, in-person and digital networking between members, with start-ups and selected external stakeholders.