About us

Investment Promotion

We help innovative foreign companies to establish in Switzerland.

Investment Promotion

Together with our partner network and in order to strengthen Switzerland as a business location 

  • we identify internationally active companies in our focus countries that could bring profitable future technologies and a high added value to the country.
  • we build up networks in which these companies operate and inform them about Switzerland as a business location - through various personal and digital channels.

If a company is interested in establishing in Switzerland, S-GE validates the project (criteria: potential jobs, investment volume, innovation / technology, etc.) and forwards it to the regions and cantons, which then accompany the establishment process.

We focus on the following technologies and have selected ten markets for our activities based on their potential:

Active in the ten markets USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, UK, Ireland, India, China, Japan, South Korea; for projects from other markets only on request.

Impact of our Investment Promotion
85% of innovative foreign companies are very satisfied with our services with regard to their settlement in Switzerland and would recommend us to others (2019). 4 out of 5 projects that S-GE refers to the cantons are rated by them as interesting and worth pursuing. 135 potential settlement projects were referred to the cantons in 2019.