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Investment Promotion

As part of its remit from the Swiss Confederation (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO) and the cantons, S-GE provides potential foreign investors with information about the particular strengths and operating conditions of Switzerland as a business location. Its services for foreign companies include assessing the potential of their projects before they are presented to the cantons. S-GE assists the cantons by presenting Switzerland as a business location abroad and by coordinating the activities of all the bodies involved.

Switzerland Global Enterprise's Swiss Business Hubs open the door to Switzerland and its public authorities abroad. In close cooperation with various partners from the private sector and the network of the cantons’ economic promotion boards, foreign companies are helped in the planning of the following activities:

  • making contacts to regional and canton investment boards
  • finding the ideal location in Switzerland
  • meeting legal and administrative requirements
  • collaborating with research institutes and universities
  • establishing partnerships with Swiss companies in their business sector
  • organising work and residence permits
  • evaluating the best corporate structure and explaining the Swiss tax system 




Press Release

商业导航: 强大的数据检索工具助您深入了解瑞士经济

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瑞士有多少家生物技术公司,哪里有最强大的 MEM 集群,在哪里可以聘用到日语人才? 对于有意将瑞士作为商业驻地的企业而言,全新工具“瑞士商业导航”可以帮助这些企业搜索和分析有关瑞士全国及各地的经济和人口统计数据。 此类与选址因素相关的信息可帮助企业找到最佳落户地点。 瑞士是首个将全国数据应...
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