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Matchmaking Platform

S-GE matchmaking platform: The matches to grow your international business


The S-GE matchmaking tool will supply with requests from potential customers around the world who are looking for Swiss suppliers, will help you learn about new relevant projects and public tenders relevant to your business. S-GE is verifying these contacts, saving time and resources for you – opening up very specific new opportunities to develop your business. And still free of charge for you as a Swiss or Liechtensteiner SME's who are exporting, or would like to export.

Tailored valuable knowhow, quick and reliable

The S-GE Matchmaking service is in constant development as we work to extend the content both in terms of countries it covers, business sectors and the type of requests. Currently, it connects you to professional services providers from a range of countries and from S-GE’s team who are based at our Business hub locations abroad, offering tailored valuable knowhow in any area of expertise that is relevant for your business venture – from specialized legal counsel to sector insiders from the local market, vetted by S-GE.
It gives a transparent overview of new relevant projects and public tenders and enables you to quickly and reliably identify your perfect fit with a few clicks.

Cleantech and infrastructure projects

The platform is being introduced in a stepwise manner and is being built up over time. The scope of coverage currently is the European neighbouring countries to Switzerland (France, Germany, Austria and Italy) plus Canada, and some content from the GCC region. It will address companies active in industry sectors relating to cleantech activities and those looking at infrastructure projects. In this initial phase the services and functionality are being offered free of any charges.

What is your wish?

It was launched in Autumn 2018 and this is a major overhaul of how it works so please do give us your feedback and tell us what you like, dislike and what you want from it in the future. Why don’t you try it?