Sintetica is European pharma company of the year

Ticino-based company Sintetica has been named European pharmaceutical company of the year by Business Worldwide Magazine in the UK. The work of Sintetica includes the development of anaesthetics and analgesics. The Magazine not only praised the company’s innovative products but also its flat management structure.

Generic Image (Credit: Unsplash)
Generic Image (Credit: Unsplash)

Business Worldwide Magazine awarded the title of ”Pharmaceutical Company of the Year – Europe” to Sintetica at its Brand of the Year Awards. According to the Magazine, these awards recognise organisations that have performed exceptionally over the previous 12 months, becoming dynamic forces within their industries and highly regarded by their employees.

Sintetica was established around 100 years ago and has its headquarters in Mendrisio, TI. It specialises in anaesthesia, analgesics as well as realising the best possible care solutions for patients. The panel were impressed by the company’s clear commitment to ongoing development and innovation. It also highlighted the management culture at Sintetica. According to CEO Augusto Mitidieri, mutual respect has played an important role in the company’s success. At Sintetica, managers support employees with coaching rather than from a role of command and control.

According to Business Worldwide Magazine, this refreshing approach certainly appears to be working. Sintetica recently obtained the go-ahead to market a new drug application in the USA. It is therefore one of the few small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the world to register a new product in the country. The company is also working on innovation in the field of post-surgery pain relief that the Magazine believes has the potential to revolutionise the way pain is managed throughout the world.

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