Minoryx Therapeutics founds spin-off in Lugano

Biotech company Minoryx Therapeutics from Barcelona has established a spin-off in Lugano. The new company, Gain Therapeutics, will focus on developing treatments for rare diseases.

Gain Therapeutics
Image Credit: Gain Therapeutics

As Minoryx Therapeutics reports in a press releaseGain Therapeutics has its headquarters in Lugano as well as a branch operating in Spain. The spin-off will focus on using the Site-directed Enzyme Enhancement Therapy (SEE-Tx) platform created by Minoryx Therapeutics, which has been using this platform to identify molecules that have the potential to become novel therapies for the treatment of several devastating rare diseases. These molecules will now be developed further by Gain Therapeutics so that they can be used in clinical trials.

Gain Therapeutics will also support the company’s efforts on the clinical candidate MIN-102, which is currently at an advanced clinical stage for the treatment of X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy. It is also being tested in preclinical trials for other orphan diseases of the central nervous system.

Gain Therapeutics is being funded by private Swiss investors and the TiVenture fund based in Ticino. Lorenzo Leoni, Managing Partner at TiVenture and ad-interim CEO of Gain Therapeutics, is quoted in the press release as saying that the new company will strengthen the cooperation between Barcelona and southern Switzerland, as both are “regions with high innovation potential in the biomedical field”.

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