Dagsmejan launches new product line

The textile start-up Dagsmejan has developed its fourth product line with Relax. Night garments warm the body before going to sleep to promote cooling and therefore relaxation.

Dagsmejan has developed night garments, that promote relaxation. Image Credit: Dagsmejan

According to a press release by Dagsmejan, the body must have cooled down by 0.5 degrees to fall asleep. The textile start-up from the St.GallenBodenseeArea has launched its new product line Relax to promote this cooling effect and the associated relaxation. The corresponding sleepwear is made from the “finest, mulesing-free merino wool”. This warms up the body in order to promote the cooling process. In addition, Relax products are made from breathable Nattwarm fabric, enabling excessive body heat to be discharged immediately.

Dagsmejan was founded in 2016. The company set up by Catarina Dahlin and Andreas Lenzhofer has developed a natural fiber that it uses for its products. The patented technology enables the trousers and tops from Dagsmejan to absorb four times as much sweat as cotton. This means that body temperature is regulated more efficiently and the products are twice as soft as cotton textiles. After its debut collection featuring thermo-regulated nightwear, the company launched its Stay Warm product line in autumn 2018. The third product family Stay Cool followed in August.

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