Swisscom acquires stake in Ajila

Ajila, a company from Sursee, and Swisscom have joined forces to develop a platform that facilitates the legally compliant digitization of contracts. To underpin the strategic partnership, Swisscom is now acquiring a substantial stake in Ajila.

Generic Image: Pixabay

Many forms and documents still have to be printed, signed and scanned. One of the reasons for this is the lack of legally binding and reliable digital systems, according to Swisscom and Ajila. The two companies have now developed a platform to address the problem: a cloud solution that enables the complete, legally compliant digitization of business processes, says a statement.  

"Thanks to the new platform, business processes can be handled online without intermediate steps or media disruptions,” commented Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler, Head of Digital Business Unit at Swisscom. “Swisscom and Ajila are thus supporting companies in their digitisation efforts and enabling them to quickly and securely introduce contemporary customer experiences.” 

Ajila is contributing its experience in digitizing forms and contracts to the partnership. The company from Sursee has already digitized 10,000 forms and contracts for 270 international customers across all industries. Swisscom is supporting the partnership with expertise in digital signatures. 

In order to put the cooperation on an optimal footing, writes the statement, Swisscom is acquiring a “substantial stake” in Ajila. The company was founded 16 years ago and employs 37 people at locations in Sursee and London.

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