Center for Precision Industry beginning to take shape

The Center for Precision Industry is being built in Buchs. The first building is already under construction in close proximity to NTB Interstate University of Technology, where Brusa Elektronik AG will offer a total of 350 jobs.

Brusa building
The Center for Precision Industry will provide a home to start-ups, SMEs and other innovative companies. Image credit: Lippuner Immobilien AG

The aim of the Center for Precision Industry is to provide a home to start-ups, SMEs and other innovative companies operating in the areas of precision technologies, digitalization and ICT. With this center, the municipality and town of Buchs, Lippuner Immobilien AG, the Office for Commerce and Employment of the Canton of St.Gallen and NTB Interstate University of Technology intend to offer interested companies a “contemporary environment and infrastructure”. Brusa Elektronik AG from Sennwald is among the companies looking to set up home at the Center for the Precision Industry.

As the specialists in electric engines and charging systems announced in a press release, the construction of a commercial building was recently initiated. This represents the first stage of the Center for the Precision Industry project. Brusa is set to be lead tenant for the new building, where it is planning to offer 350 jobs. The company states in the press release that the new location in Buchs will form its international development headquarters, with Brusa also using Buchs as a base for international customer contact as well. This is proof of the optimal nature of the location itself, the research environment and the opportunities on offer to secure specialists in the region, Brusa explains further.

The building currently under construction will be spread across five floors. The construction plans have taken into account both the requirements for an industrial building with modern working requirements and sustainable energy technology.

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