NLS Pharmaceutics advancing drug development

The Nidwalden-based company NLS Pharmaceutics is developing a drug to treat the neurobiological disorder ADHS and the sleep disorder narcolepsy. To this end, the company is now joining forces with the US company Adare Pharmaceuticals.

Generic Image: Sansiona/Pixabay

The Nidwalden-based biopharmaceutical company​​​​ NLS Pharmaceutics is joining forces with the US firm Adare Pharmaceuticals. The cooperation will cover product candidates under development by NLS Pharmaceutics for the treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity syndrome (ADHS) and the sleep disorder narcolepsy. These aim to release Mazindol in a controlled manner. To this end, NLS Pharmaceutics is looking to benefit from the expert knowledge that Adare Pharmaceuticals has at its disposal.

Alex Zwyer, CEO and Co-Founder of  NLS Pharmaceutics, commented in a press release that the Nidwalden-based company is convinced that Adare’s expertise in the area of controlled release of active ingredients will help the development of its drug candidate.

NLS Pharmaceutics was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Stans. The privately owned company focuses on the development of new treatment classes for ADHS, sleep disorders, cognitive impairments and other neurological illnesses, which remain largely under-diagnosed and for which there is significant medical demand.

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