Pupil concludes capital increase

The start-up Pupil has developed a software program for use in elementary schools. It has now completed a capital increase. The proceeds are to be used to create a framework for growth.

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Pupil has conducted a capital increase with the support of institutional and private investors, as revealed in a press release issued by the start-up from the St.GallenBodenseeArea. The press release explains that this has laid the foundations for sustainable growth and a “major milestone” has now been achieved. “The funding will primarily be used to secure organizational frameworks in the area of consultancy, support and development that are necessary for the healthy development of the company”, Pupil commented.

Pupil AG has developed a software program for use in elementary and high schools in the form of PUPIL. The modular software can be used by students, parents, teachers and administrators. PUPIL provides students with information on teachers and classes in respect of “timetables, exam dates, school trips and lunch”. Parents can use PUPIL to register the absence of their children, record an appointment and find out about class and exam timetables. The software grants teachers access to a cross-class timetable program and a certificate program. Moreover, they are made aware of absent pupils. Finally, administrators are able to use the school administration program to “organize classrooms, devices, colleagues, communications, newsletters, the website, statistics and much more via a centralized platform”.

Pupil AG was awarded a large support package from the Startfeld Foundation, which is based in St.Gallen. In total, investments in the amount of seven figures have already been made in the start-up. Pupil was founded just one year ago.

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