USA: Economic outlook and support for Swiss subsidiaries

Get a practical overview from USA experienced companies and experts: what’s the current impact of COVID-19 on the U.S. economy, what support can Swiss subsidiaries request and how will the situation affect bilateral trade? 


As the global economy is faced with global supply bottlenecks due to closed borders, large unemployment numbers and precautionary travel and work regulations have come into force almost all around the world, we provide you with the relvant infromation for your business.

In the recorded Webinar COVID-19 Insights USA: «Economic outlook and support for Swiss Subsidiaries», our experts and the Swiss Business Hub USA talk about the current situation in the US and how the so called «CARES Act» can provides fast and direct economic assistance also to Swiss subsidiaries in the US. In addition, we will hear from the Head of the Economic Section of the Swiss Embassy in Washington. 


  • A look at the current situation: US Stimulus CARES Act, election year, economy a priority, by Stewart Tipson, Head of Export Promotion Swiss Business Hub USA

  • Input on how foreign affiliates can benefit from aide offered through US CARES act & refundable payroll tax credits and employment tax considerations, by Daniel Wuersch, Partner, Wuersch & Gering

  • Impact of trade measures in the context of COVID-19, by Ivo Germann, Head of Economic, Trade and Financial Affairs, Embassy of Switzerland in the United States of America, Washington DC

  • Closing Annina Bosshard, Consultant USA + Canada



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