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UK food & drink market explained

Swiss entrepreneurs will gain insights into market overview, trends, potential opportunities and discover strategies for a smoother market entry through this report.

Camden food market

Food market environment

Factors such as the rise of the cost of living, soaring energy prices, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Brexit, Covid-19, climate change, and labor shortages, have all put pressure on food & drink businesses. The UK has found itself in a food shortage crisis, with staple products missing from shelves or in limited supply.

Business opportunities in the UK food sector

Through this concise report you can identify an opportunity for your own products in the market and be motivated to embark on the initial steps. Equipped with a strong understanding of the standards and attributes your products should possess, you can thrive in this market.

Discover the areas and products that offer significant opportunities and learn how you as a Swiss SME can leverage these opportunities for your benefit!

Individual consultation

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Webinar: How to enter the UK market successfully


UK food & drink market explained (10/2023)