Bahrain Country information

With a population of around 1.4 million, Bahrain has the smallest economy of the GCC states. The government is trying to diversify this economy and involve the private sector more in financing projects.

Bahrain Country information

As in most Gulf states, projects in Bahrain are primarily financed through public investment, but since 2014 the falling price of oil has put Bahrain's public finances under a lot of pressure: around 80% of government revenue comes from the oil sector.

Bahrain has responded to these changing circumstances by introducing reform efforts aimed at reducing oil dependency; business and industry are to be fundamentally restructured and diversified. Due to the decline in government revenues following the oil price collapse, future projects will also be increasingly financed through public-private partnerships (PPPs). This presents Swiss companies with new investment opportunities.

Switzerland generally enjoys an excellent reputation in Bahrain and is regarded as a role model in many areas. Good opportunities for Swiss exporters are particularly evident in niche areas where typical Swiss attributes such as quality, precision, reliability and know-how are in demand.

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