Colombo brings Luxaviation to Lugano

Ticino-based asset manager Colombo Wealth Management has entered into a partnership with Luxaviation under which the private airline from Luxembourg will soon provide its clients with services from Colombo. The two have now opened a joint office in Lugano.

Airport Lugano
Lugano Airport (Image Credit: Chris j wood/Wikimedia Commons)


Colombo Wealth Management and Luxaviation have entered into a partnership that will see Luxaviation offer its clients direct access to Colombo’s advisory services. For its part, Colombo will offer its customers services in the area of charter flights and business aviation. The new partnership was celebrated on 20 September with the opening of a joint office in Lugano.

Colombo manages around 2.5 billion Swiss francs in client assets. In addition to its headquarters in Lugano, it also has branches in Zurich, Geneva and Luxembourg. Luxaviation has a fleet of more than 250 aircraft and employs over 17,00 people.

As reports, Colombia and Luxaviation will also examine regular business charter traffic from the Lugano-Agno Airport to certain destinations and will carry out a customer survey to this effect. If enough demand exists, Luxaviation can quickly provide the necessary aircraft.

“I am confident that the cooperation between Luxaviation and Colombia will have a very positive effect on the expansion of activites at Lugano Airport,” the airport’s CEO Maurizio Merlo told

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