Swiss government to fly in Pilatus business jet

Swiss Federal Councilors can now use the Pilatus PC-24 from the Nidwalden aerospace manufacturer Pilatus for travel in Europe. The aircraft was delivered on Monday and replaces the government’s former business jet supplied by a North American manufacturer.

Pilatus business jet
Image credit: Pilatus Aircraft Ltd

President of the Swiss Confederation, Ueli Maurer, officially took delivery of the Pilatus PC-24 on Monday. The new jet sports a modern, white-grey livery with striking Swiss cross on the tail fin plus the words “Swiss Air Force”. The cabin offers space for eight passengers plus crew and luggage. It was made by aerospace manufacturer Pilatus, which has its headquarters in Stans.

According to a media release from Pilatus, the aircraft will be used primarily for travel within Europe. PC-24 has a range of 3,704km and flies at a speed of 815km per hour. The new jet will be stationed at the government base at Bern-Belp Airport. It replaces a business jet supplied by a North American manufacturer that was previously used for government flights.

“I’m delighted the Swiss government opted for a Swiss product and will travel aboard the PC-24 – the new ‘Swiss Air Force One’ – in the future,” commented Pilatus Chairman, Oscar J. Schwenk, adding: “This choice sends a very important signal for our brand-new business jet. I’m confident that other governments will adopt the PC-24 once they see the unrivalled opportunities and flexibility which it offers.”

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