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Export Promotion Cleantech

In the framework of an additional mandate from the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO, the international position of the Swiss export economy in the growing global market for Cleantech is being promoted, and companies across all industries are being offered assistance in identifying and taking advantage of Cleantech opportunities abroad.

Export Promotion Cleantech

Cleantech offers new business opportunities

As a cross-sector market segment incorporating various technologies, production processes and services that contribute to the protection and preservation of natural resources, cleantech is seeing huge global demand. The deliberate positioning of products in this market segment and their marketing under the cleantech label offers promising sales opportunities for Swiss companies abroad. This is particularly true considering the optimal standing of domestic producers in international competition thanks to their reputation for quality and innovativeness: Cleantech is a facet of high-level Swiss technology.

The Cleantech mandate

S-GE is mandated by SFOE and SECO in line with the various Swiss cleantech strategies. In particular, the program includes the management of the digital cleantech company database CUBE, which contains detailed information on the export potential of Swiss cleantech companies. S-GE also offers information on export opportunities, consulting and network services, as well as assistance with participation in internationally relevant trade fairs (within the framework of SWISS pavilions) relating to the growth market of cleantech. Various networking services are also provided.

The S-GE cleantech program is intended to support the export industry’s international position and to lend a hand to companies across different sectors with respect to the discovery and exploitation of growth opportunities in the cleantech market segment.


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