Switzerland scores highly as a location for companies

According to a new report by EuCham, Switzerland is the fifth best country in Europe for companies. This puts it one place higher than the previous year. Scandinavian countries take the top spots.

Image Credit: EUCham


EuCham – European Chamber has published its new ​​​​​​Best European Countries for Business report, in which it investigates which European countries offer the best environments for companies. The organization uses data from Transparency International and the World Bank for this. EuCham considers data on company integrity and transparency to play an important role in the quality of a location.

Switzerland achieves a total score of 81 points, placing it in fifth position in the new European ranking. Compared with the previous year, this is an improvement of one place and pushes the United Kingdom (80 points) out of the top five. Denmark leads the ranking (86 points), followed by Sweden (84 points), Norway (83 points) and Finland (also 83 points). 

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