Startup creates particularly effective drinking water filter

Technology startup Umuntu has developed a filter system that removes 99 percent of harmful contaminants from drinking water. The filter apparently also improves the flavor of the water. A portion of the income generated by Umuntu is being donated to good causes.

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Umuntu water filtration systems are available as under-counter or tabletop units with a bubbler or special tap and they can be installed with personalized mineralization, the startup from the St.GallenBodenseeArea reported in a press release. A patent application has been submitted for the Umuntu membrane, which is based on nanofiltration and able to filter 520 drinking water contaminants by 99 percent. According to the company, this is the first innovation of its kind worldwide. What’s more, the overall filter system produces “lime-free, oxygenated and soft water” without the use of environmentally harmful salts and chemicals and the filtered water is said to taste great. The two functions can also be used separately.

As particular benefits of the system, the startup highlights the high flow rate of 60 liters per hour, carbon neutral product manufacturing and the filtration of 520 foreign substances and contaminants. Umuntu could help an average household of four save up to 2,000 PET bottles each year. The fact lime is removed from the water is also beneficial for household appliances. Institutes have tested the performance of this filter. “We want to offer our customers total transparency and working with testing institutes was therefore extremely important to us,” commented founder and CEO Fabio Hüther in the press release.

Umuntu contributes up to 30 percent of its profit after tax to the Umuntu Movement, which has already helped get more than 20 aid projects off the ground over the past 18 months. The press release reports that the company’s approach of “using a sustainable business to finance a socioecological movement” was honored with the SEAL Award at the end of 2018, for being “among the 50 most sustainable business strategies and one of the top ten most sustainable companies worldwide”.

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