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Food and Agriculture

The Swiss food and agriculture sector is a pillar of the Swiss economy, which is steeped in tradition. The value chain spans commodity production and processing through semi-finished products to the manufacturing of products, which are ready to use.

Food and Agriculture

The Swiss food industry is made up of about 200 companies employing a total of 37,000 people and generating around 3.5 billion Swiss francs worth of turnover abroad. Over 150,000 people work in over 50,000 farms. Because many emerging countries are converting more and more from self-sufficient markets to consumer markets, new opportunities are opening up for high-quality foodstuffs produced in Switzerland. We offer a comprehensive range of services to companies from the Swiss food and agriculture sector : export-oriented customers can rely on insightful information about the sales markets, business markets and retail trends. We also support Swiss companies throughout their trade fair presentation with the SWISS pavilion abroad.


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