Siemens inaugurates new campus in Zug

Siemens has inaugurated its new campus in Zug, with office and production buildings. The campus is the international headquarters of the Siemens Building Technologies (BT) division, which also showcases its innovative technologies in the buildings.

The front side of the new production facility in Zug. Image Credit: Siemens
The front side of the new production facility in Zug. Image Credit: Siemens


On Wednesday, Siemens inaugurated a new campus in Zug. It includes a new office building with seven floors that can accommodate 1,000 employees. In addition, a new three-floor production building has been created on the campus, with space for occupational training and a laboratory. The campus also includes an existing office and production building, scheduled for modernization in 2021. It will subsequently house the approximately 450 employees in research and development for the BT division.

Siemens reported that it invested a total of 250 million Swiss francs in the new site. It is the international headquarters of the BT division, which has been based in Zug since 1998. “Next year, building technology will become a core element of the new operating company Smart Infrastructure (SI). Its global headquarters will then also be in Zug,” said Joe Kaeser, Chairman of the Siemens AG Managing Board, in a press release. He highlights that Siemens is one of the largest employers in Switzerland, employing almost 6,000 staff in the country, including 300 apprentices.

Siemens regards building technology as a future industry, which will benefit greatly from automation and digitalisation. Siemens technology also features in the buildings on the campus. The complex is equipped with building automation, security and fire safety technology. The campus is one of the first new projects to use Building Information Modeling (BIM) for design and construction. Energy-efficient heat pumps use water from Lake Zug as a heat source and for direct cooling. A photovoltaic system on the roof of the production building will go into operation in the spring next year. The campus buildings therefore do not need fossil fuels to generate energy.

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