Office of the future opens in St.Gallen

An “office of the future” is opening in St.Gallen at the end of October. The project is designed to support idea conception and planning, and will offer workshops on topics such as artificial intelligence.

Image Credit: University of Applied Sciences St.Gallen

The “Zukunftsbüro” is opening on October 29 in the Lattich quarter of St.Gallen, announced a statement from the University of Applied Sciences St.Gallen (FHS). In this “office of the future”, people can attend consultations to discuss their plans and ideas. Managing the consultations will be Corinne Dickenmann, project manager at the FHS Institute for Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDEE), and colleagues from IDEE.

“We give feedback, ask questions, encourage, facilitate changes in perspective and suggest new approaches,” explained Dickenmann in an interview. “We use a range of methods to motivate and mobilize – from LEGO for adults to research on future customers and the development of prototypes.” 

The idea for the office of the future comes from Niki Wiese and Florian Wieser from Savognin in the canton of Graubünden. Thanks to their initiative with local partners, offices of the future have opened across Switzerland. St.Gallen is the fourth. It is open to “people with concrete plans on paper or disorganized visions”, said Dickenmann.

Alongside the consultations, the St.Gallen office of the future will host workshops and keynote speeches on topics such as “artificial intelligence, visual thinking, super forecasting and gamification”, according to Dickenmann.   

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