Zurich drones join Céline Dion world tour

The Canadian pop icon Céline Dion is being accompanied on her new world tour by drones from the Zurich startup Verity Studios. During the singer’s concerts, the drones perform a dazzling show above the stage.

verity studios
Drones from Verity Studios perform a dazzling show above the stage during Céline Dion`s concert. Image Credit: Verity Studios

Céline Dion has embarked on her new Courage World Tour – and travelling around the world with her are microdrones produced by Verity Studios. The drones dance above the stage during hits such as “My Heart Will Go On”, in which they rise up, turning blue and hovering around Céline Dion, before descending to the stage one by one. 

“’My Heart Will Go On’ is Céline Dion’s biggest hit, and show designer Yves Aucoin wanted to create a big visual impact for this song,” explained Verity’s Head of Live Events, Federico Augugliaro, in a statement. “The drones were integral in providing an immersive, 3D effect, and Céline Dion’s interactions with the drones evoke a strong emotional response from the audience.”

According to Verity Studios, this is the third time their drones have been on tour with a musician. They have also accompanied Metallica and the Canadian rap singer Drake.  

Verity Studios was founded by Raffaelo D’Andrea as a spin-off from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH). D’Andrea described the partnership with Céline Dion as “proof that autonomous indoor drones have cemented their place in the pallet of live events effects”. 

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