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Switzerland is extremely well-placed in this respect thanks to the adaptability of its companies in relation to new digital solutions and the extensive digital skills of their employees. Do you want to know more?

Switzerland stands at the forefront of deep tech innovation, including fields like robotics, quantum computing, AI, VR/AR and computer vision. Multinational corporations like IBM, Meta, Microsoft, Disney, Google and NVIDIA play a pivotal role in elevating Switzerland's status as a tech research hub. Get in touch to find out how flexible regulations, top-tier talent and a tradition of precision drive technological progress can benefit your business, too. 


#Why Switzerland

#Why Switzerland


Enjoy a safe and innovative legal framework

Swiss regulators collaborate with experts and industry stakeholders like you to develop flexible regulations that strike a balance between privacy protection and technological progress. This flexibility and tech neutral approach is particularly beneficial for emerging tech companies and encourages innovation. As a business you can operate in a legally safe environment with room to innovate.

An example of this is the passing of the DLT Bill in 2020, when the Swiss parliament amended the current laws to include crypto assets and digital ledger technology into Swiss Law, making the Swiss blockchain and Web3 regulatory framework one of the most advanced in the world. 


Enjoy a safe and innovative legal framework

Good ideas flourish in the right environment – that is why multinational corporations and big tech companies with a focus on research and development in areas like AI, robotics, computer vision, machine learning, quantum computing and semiconductor technology establish their innovation centers in Switzerland. Examples include Meta, Disney Pixar, Microsoft and Google, which runs its largest engineering center outside of the USA in Switzerland.

The Switzerland Innovation Park West EPFL offers a Soft-Landing Program for globally focused companies that are ready to disrupt. A tailor-made program and personalized navigation help companies through the academic ecosystem to ensure that innovation opportunities and impact are maximized. Companies can partner with more than 200 start-ups, other corporates or SMEs, and test their ideas.


Attract and retain the best people

Swiss universities, particularly the two federal technical engineering universities ETH Zurich and EPFL Lausanne, excel in producing graduates and researchers with expertise in deep tech fields such as AI, quantum computing, VR and robotics. You can find specialists like gaming developers to metaverse UX designers in Switzerland.

Did you know that Switzerland has a long-standing tradition of design and craftsmanship? This extends to user interface and user experience design and provides a strong foundation for creating intuitive and engaging user experiences. The “Swiss Made” label stands for high-quality and lean design, applied in gaming and other metaverse applications.


Develop powerful partnerships to scale your business

In Switzerland, your company can benefit from a diverse tech landscape as well as leverage close collaborations between international tech companies, local SMEs, early-stage startups and research facilities. Partnerships are characterized by pragmatism and a “fast-to-market" mentality. 

Associations and tech initiatives such as Women in Web3, the Trust Valley, which focuses on digital trust innovations, the Swiss Metaverse Association and Virtual Switzerland, which represents the VR/AR industry, connect you to the key players of the digital world in Switzerland.



Use resources responsibly to meet current needs without jeopardizing those of future generations: this is how start-ups, scale-ups and corporations approach sustainability in Switzerland. We would like to show Switzerland’s impact in sustainability with the following example in this Ecosystem: The Open Quantum Institute (OQI) was officially launched on 13 October 2023. This endeavor, resulting from a collaborative effort involving the FDFA, GESDA, CERN, and UBS, is located in Geneva.

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Success Stories

Success Stories

Ecosystem Switzerland

Ecosystem Switzerland

Trust valley

The Trust Valley is a public-private partnership aimed at promoting the excellence of the Lake Geneva region in the field of digital trust and cybersecurity.
Public authorities, academic institutions and economic players are joining forces to promote this unique centre of expertise and encourage the emergence of innovative projects.


SAIROPs main goal is to foster collaborations and knowledge transfer across disciplines and institutions in the field of AI in Switzerland. And provide a detailed overview of the AI research landscape in Switzerland.

AI for Good

The goal of AI for Good is to identify practical applications of AI to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and scale those solutions for global impact. It’s the leading action-oriented, global & inclusive United Nations platform on AI.

Swiss Cognitive

SwissCognitive, World-Leading AI Network is a global community of business leaders and AI experts driving the development of AI forward and turning it into a key economy-booster.

Virtual Switzerland

Virtual Switzerland promotes and encourages the adoption and development of Swiss immersive technologies, namely augmented, mixed, and virtual realities, also collectively referred to as XR (Extended Realities).

Swiss Metaverse Association

As a public-private partnership, the Swiss Metaverse Association covers the areas of business, politics, science, and society. It networks relevant actors and promotes the economic and social anchoring of metaverse-based applications and activities.



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