Swiss Tech + Industries

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Switzerland is home to world-renowned universities and research institutes in the area of AI.  This proximity to cutting-edge research is an important reason why global tech companies such as Google, IBM, and HPE conduct their research from here.


Switzerland boasts a high number of leading AI research institutes spread out over a manageable geographical area.  This close-knit network and pragmatic collaboration between key research institutes and strong industrial players results in the highly efficient transfer of technology, which brings innovative products to the market quickly. In relation to its population, the country holds the third highest number of top AI patents worldwide.

Switzerland is a location of contrasts, standing for emerging technology as well as traditional values such as trust and safety. Its stable political and economic environment offers globally active companies a safe place to host and validate their data. The combination of high data security and data quality, political stability, and legal certainty leads to reduced risks for companies.



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